Caregiver Training Course

TLC Edmonton: Training for Foreign Caregivers is a Designated Learning Institution under the new International Student Program
(DLI # O19391275439)


Why study with TLC Edmonton: Training for Foreign Caregivers?


You'll find that our caregiver training course provides a relaxed and friendly environment to make friends and study. There are many good reasons to train with us...

  1. TLC Edmonton is a small, private school offering only one program: training for foreign caregivers.  It is designed for foreign students who would like to qualify for a work permit permitting them to work in Canada.  The school is on the Designated List of Approved Schools for the Canada Immigration International Student Program meaning that Canadian Immigration Officers abroad are able to issue student visas for the purpose of studying at this school.
  2. This course will prepare you for all aspects of the role of a caregiver working in a private home in Canada.  The classes are smaller (usually fewer than 28 students), and take into account individual needs and abilities, including ability with the English language.
  3. The enriched Care Giving course, is a full-time, 7 month, government accredited, training program that prepares you to work in a Canadian family, either as a nanny caring for children, or as a caregiver to an elder or to a person with a severe or mild disability.
  4. You will be supported through all of the phases of living, working, and immigrating to Canada, including help with understanding employment contracts that protect both you and your future employer.  For more information take a look at TLC's other services.
  5. Students are assisted by a licensed Immigration Consultant on staff once every couple of months to help you meet all Canadian government regulations and requirements which greatly improves your chances of being successful.  The immigration process is complicated and each year many caregivers from overseas are refused visas or are unable to obtain permanent residence simply because they do not fully understand the bureaucratic process.  We do everything that we can to ensure that our graduates are successful.

See what TLC students have to say about their experiences of the school and training course instructors... Student Testimonials.

Why study in Canada?

For anyone planning to live, work, or immigrate to Canada as a caregiver, there are several clear advantages to training here...

  1. Many Canadian employers prefer caregivers with Canadian training and/or those who are already in Canada so that you can meet in-person before committing to each other .
  2. For this and other reasons, it can be much easier to find a potential employer while you are a student here. Although you must apply for a work permit once you have finished your training, you can usually now do this on-line from within Canada or by mailing an application to the Canadian Consulate in the USA  which is often faster and cheaper than returning to your home country.
  3. You will receive on-going support from students who are in the course ahead of you, and from a network of former students who are now working in Canada as nannies or in-home caregivers.
  4. It is an ideal opportunity to learn the culture, practice your English language skills, make friends, and start to become familiar with life in Canada.
  5. You can be actively involved in finding your own employer.  In this way you can avoid many employee/employer mismatches.
  6. When you study in Canada, you are really receiving much more training than the requisite 750 hours because you are, in fact, training throughout your entire stay.

In summary, studying in Canada provides you with an excellent chance of succeeding as a foreign caregiver in Canada.

What's so great about Edmonton, Alberta?

The economy in Alberta, driven mainly by it's oil resources, makes it the most prosperous Canadian province.  In 2002, Edmonton was ranked the most attractive city in the world to do business.  It has one of the lowest unemployment rates and fastest growth rates of all Canadian cities.  Provincial taxes and the cost of living in Edmonton are significantly lower than in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.  Located in Western Canada in Central Alberta, it's close proximity to other large, prosperous cities such as Calgary and Vancouver means your prospects for finding employment are excellent.  But training in Edmonton does not mean that you must work in Edmonton.  Graduates of the TLC program are working in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, and many other towns and cities mainly in B.C. and Ontario but also in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Quebec.


About the Caregiver Training Course...

The TLC Edmonton: Training for Foreign Caregiver's study program is a full-time, 7 month, government accredited, training program that prepares you to work for a Canadian family, either as a nanny caring for children or as a caregiver to a senior or to a person with a significant disability.

Instruction includes both theory and hands-on, in-school practice. You learn through lectures, textbooks, audio-visuals, individual and group projects, presentations and class discussions. Assessment and feedback are given on an ongoing basis and, upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma.

Classes run Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm and the instruction is divided into monthly (rotating) modules allowing you to start the course on the first day of any month and to finish it 7 months later.


The training course includes the following modules:

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills
  2. Developing self-awareness for the role of the Live-in Caregiver
  3. Health and safety, including St. John Ambulance certification in CPR/First Aid level C
  4. Care of the elderly (including understanding the aging process, assisting with mobility, personal hygiene, mental health issues, and assisting someone who is dying)
  5. Disability awareness (developing awareness of the causes and consequences of the accidents and diseases that cause disability and the care that may be required)
  6. Child development, including understanding childhood in it's various stages, planning activities for the children of different ages, reading to children, etc.
  7. Managing children's behaviour
  8. Understanding and recognizing abuse
  9. Household management and taking care of a Canadian home
  10. Nutrition and food preparation
  11. Finding employment and applying for a work permit
  12. An overview of Canadian politics, geography, history and social structure

The tuition fee is $5,500 (Canadian Dollars) a $400 fee which covers the supplies for the weekly cooking class which entitles you to a delicious and generous lunch once each week.  Tuition includes textbooks and your certification in CPR/First Aid.  No money (other than an administrative application fee) can be received by us in advance of a student's arrival in Canada.  Many students like to employ an agent to assist them with making an application for a student visa and other things.  We have several good and trustworthy agents we can refer you to.  Agent fees will be extra.

Course Instructors

Shirley Phippen

Former Director, and teacher at TLC Edmonton, Shirley holds a University Degree in Home Economics and a Professional Teacher's certificate.  Shirley has many years experience in providing care to people of all ages and she has been operating TLC Edmonton: Training for Live-in Caregivers for over 8 years.

Velda Abram

Hello my name is Velda Abram; I am the new owner/Director of TLC-Edmonton. 

I've owned and operated my own pre-school, Senior Support Service company, and have many years of invaluable experience working with children, people with disabilities and senior’s.  I have directed and trained in many versatile scenario’s including International Broadcasting, Publishing, Computer Engineering, and Public Speaking. All of these environments combined have expanded my cultural awareness, have allowed me to develop a capacity for clear communication and given me an ability to coach and demonstrate in public settings.

I really enjoy teaching and making the educational experience of TLC as light and fun as possible. 

I  have a Business Diploma from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and am very enthused to start classes in February 2016.  Shirley Phippen’s developed curriculum will be maintained and the St. John’s Ambulance course will still be available as part of this curriculum. Further expansion and development of new programs in process.

Tina Gal

holds a BA in Psychology and has been teaching the Interview Skill Workshop since 2012. As a graduate of the school, she is aware of the multiple challenges that newcomers to Canada face in their search for employment. Tina coaches students one-on-one and in small groups, assisting them to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed. Course material includes: resume and cover letter writing, job search techniques, knowledge about Canadian hiring practices and interview strategies, as well as interview role-plays.



Mauve LeFleur - Cooking Class - Ms. LeFleur has cooked in many areas of the globe and brings all of her expertise into the classroom of TLC-Edmonton. 

Christine Aizen - Course Instructor - Ms. Aizen is a registered nurse and has embraced all aspects of Caregiving to bring to students from all over the world.

Barbara Phillips - Communications - Ms. Phillips runs courses throughout Alberta on communication. She has a 30 year background in law and is presently teaching her course at TLC for a few weeks every summer.





Requirements for Admission:

  • To be eligible for admission to the training program you must have proof  of having successfully completed the equivalent of a Canadian secondary school education (Grade 12)
  • Proof of ability in English. A basic proficiency in English is necessary for students to enjoy and benefit from the training program. Coming here with at least minimum proficiency and then spending 7 months immersed in English is good preparation for the next step on your journey. For this reason we have developed the following minimum acceptable scores:
    • CELPIP: Minimum average score 3L
    • IELTS: Minimum band score 5.0 (General)
    • TOEFL: Minimum total score 55 (iBT)
    • TOEIC: Minimum total score 520
    • PTE: (Pearson Test of English) Minimum 36
    • EIKEN: (Test in Practical English Proficiency) 2nd level
  • A student visa of a least 7 month’s duration from the day you begin the training program.
  • Health Insurance coverage. Although this is not mandatory, if you are coming to Canada on a student visa which will be valid for less then 12 months, you are strongly urged to arrange for private health insurance coverage, either from a provider in your own country or from a Canadian based private supplier, for the duration of your study period because becoming ill or injured during your stay in Canada can potentially be financially disastrous.


Note: When you arrive, you should bring with you all your educational transcripts and a police clearance from every country you have lived in for more than six months.


Other Services

TLC Edmonton : Training for Foreign Caregivers, assists and supports students in all aspects of living, working, and immigrating to Canada.  This includes help with finding comfortable and affordable living accommodation during your stay in Canada, immigration counselling, help with the various application forms, employment contracts, finding employment, and preparing for your interview. St John Ambulance Standard First Aid with CPR Level C is included.


For the convenience of students attending the school, accommodation is offered on a first-come, first-served basis for all students who want this service.  There is no requirement that you live in the housing we provide.  If you want to take advantage of this service please give as much notice as possible.

School accommodation consists of individual, private, fully furnished bedrooms which are each located within one mile of the school premesis.  Each student has a private bedroom but shares the kitchen, bathroom, and living room with one or two other students.  Rooms are assigned on a first come-first served basis.  When you come, you will get to choose from all the rooms that are available at that time.  Each month new rooms will become available as students move out and the students who are already living here get first choice of the newly available rooms if anyone wants to change and move.

The accommodation fee is $500/month. The houses are fully furnished and bed linens and towels are provided. The accommodation fee includes all utilities, high-speed wireless internet access, and laundry equipment.  All cleaning supplies, toilet tissue, and dish, and laundry soap are provided at no extra charge.

Rent Collection:
Rent is due on the first of every month.  We do understand that you will need time to get your finances in order and will accomodate any down time for newcommers.

Deposits and Notice Required:
We initially hold rooms for incoming students without taking any deposit and at no time do we take a damage deposit. Once you have moved in, as a tenant in Canada you are expected to give a full month’s notice when you make plans to move out. This is the rental law in Canada.  If you can not give a month’s notice, you may be expected to pay rent for the following month.  At no time will you be required to pay more than one month’s rent upon moving out.

International Student Services

The TLC training school staff and the support network of current and former students, who form an essential part of who we are and what we do, have, from inception, given top priority to providing support to both incoming, currently registered, and former students.  When a genuine need is perceived, everything possible is done to find a way to respond, without undermining the importance of students learning the skills they will need to take care of themselves in Canada.

The support services we provide include but are not limited to:

Airport Pick-up Service:
We meet new students who request this service at the Edmonton airport upon arrival and take them to their new accommodation for a pick-up fee of $40.00 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. After 6:00pm we may or may not be available to pick you up. If you need to or decide to arrive very late in the evening or during the night, you may have to take a hotel room until the next morning when we will be available to meet you.  The first thing we do after you are settled in your new room is to take you grocery shopping so that you can buy the food and other supplies you need to be comfortable for the first few days here until you "find your feet" and can manage to do this on you own.

Orientation and on-going student counselling:
Within your first week in the school (usually on the first day) every student will receive an orientation to the program. Subsequently at least one morning per week throughout your training period is set aside as your “office morning” during which staff is always available to offer individual help and counselling with student projects, assignments, and concerns.

Unpaid Student Support Network:
An important part of the TLC offering comes from past and present students.  Current students and former students are all learning to be or have been caregivers and are encouraged to support and take care of each other.  Because TLC accepts new students into the training program at the beginning of each month…in every class and in every house where students live, there will be those who are almost finished as well as those who are just starting and those at every stage in between. Additionally, usually, several former students, who have already completed all the requirements for temporary foreign workers, some with Open Work Permits or Permanent Residence, are also living in the shared accommdation.  These former graduates have come back to live in TLC shared accommodation because it is reasonably priced and them a chance to get better established in Canada before setting up their own independent households.  Naturally these people who have already been through the whole process are an excellent resource for those who are just starting.  This informal support system continues to exist long after students move into the work force and become foreign workers in Canada.  Many students form long-term friendships in the school and continue to meet and socialize as part of their work and private lives.  Another important part of the student support network is former students coming back to the classroom during class time, as part of the lessons, to share their experiences as caregivers and nannies with current students.

Immigration Counselling

The TLC-Edmonton caregiver training school has a Licensed Immigration Consultant available every two months to provide professional immigration advice and services.